Hospitality trends every new business should consider

Dec 23, 2021 4 min read

Last year, thousands of innovative individuals decided to turn their passion into a profitable business, seizing the opportunity to start food stalls and vans to bring their offerings directly to consumers. With over half of consumers saying they believe it's more important than ever before to support local businesses, now may be a good time to start turning your dream business into a reality.

Based on the latest consumer predictions for 2022, we're bringing you a list of products and services worth exploring – ideas that will be sure to delight your customers, keep you ahead of the curve and generate a buzz.


Traditional foods from around the world

If any company has its fingers on the pulse of consumer behaviour it's Pinterest. In fact, according to the company, 80% of its predictions for 2021 came true! For 2022, it reckons we'll all be going back to our roots (or learning about someone else's) by experimenting with traditional foods from around the globe. Food trucks packing a flavour punch with specific ingredients and spices will be in demand as searches for traditional Norwegian recipes, authentic Filipino recipes, traditional Russian food, traditional Arabic food, and South African recipes all saw significant rises.

Elaborate Cakes

Maybe most people have now become a little fed-up with their mediocre attempts at lockdown banana bread, and their attention is turning to much more elaborate creations. If you're a fantastic cake maker, 2022 may be your time to shine. Cupcakes? Cake pops? They've had their moment in the sun. 2022 is all about being extra. Consumers are searching for gravity-defying tiers, bubble cakes and 3D designs. Trending cakes in the UK include pink gin drip cakes, chocolate drip cakes and jelly art cakes. Time to get creative. 

Flexi and Plant-curious

It's no secret there's been a rapid increase in people in the UK embracing a plant-based lifestyle, with one survey suggesting 1.5 million people are now vegan. 

While not everyone is ready to switch to a purely plant-based diet, with meat consumption in the UK declining by 17% over the past decade, you could say people are becoming "plant curious". The Guardian reported 500,000 people pledged to participate in the last Veganuary, so it's undoubtedly amiss of any food business not to offer vegan and vegetarian alternatives--especially during January. 

 And for those who do want meat, it needs to be the best. As consumers are increasingly more aware of animal welfare and environmental concerns, they focus on quality over quantity. Locally sourced, organic, high-quality meat, dairy and eggs are in demand. 


New revenue streams

Many hospitality businesses have jumped out of their normal process and created business models to capture new revenue streams. Online ordering and delivery services continue to boom; DIY meal-kits are being sold by everyone from pasta aficionados to Michelin star restaurants and many pubs and restaurants are offering meal collection services for the first time. It’s the rise of QR codes and digital menu ordering which has made it possible for hospitality businesses of all sizes to unlock new ways to serve their customers which will continue way into the future.

Data for all

Until now, technology which makes it easy for operators to understand customer trends and what’s impacting revenues has been out of reach for many small hospitality businesses. Now smart POS and mobile ordering systems have surfaced new opportunities to track orders, collect sales data and maximise revenue — whether managing orders at the table more easily, strategically offering discounts, better servicing customers or even launching takeout services for the first time; these benefits go well beyond reacting to restrictions imposed by Covid.

Mobile ordering continues

The lockdown has amplified people’s digital footprint — activities such as video conferencing, online shopping, ordering takeaways and delivery, as well as Netflix bingeing, are all driving the ‘on-demand economy’. People want things pronto. Keep customers waiting, and they’ll go elsewhere.

This shift towards digital ordering has permeated the hospitality industry. A recent study we conducted revealed 96% of consumers are satisfied with the ease and convenience of mobile Order & Pay. This relatively new payment mechanic is set to be a permanent fixture. Over half of those surveyed plan to continue using it as their primary payment channel in pubs and restaurants. 

The much publicised shift to a cashless society is also underway with just 7% of all payments predicted to be cash by 2024. Therefore investing in a modern ePOS system with contactless card readers is key to anyone planning to start a food business now. 

Feeling inspired?

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