9 questions to ask your mobile Order & Pay provider

Apr 27, 2021 6 min read

With the clear benefits mobile Order and Pay brings, there’s never been a better time to get on board. With a whole host of providers out there, what should you be asking, and what should you be looking for, to ensure you get the best long-term solution?

The Customer Experience

1. How easy is it for customers to use?

Your mobile Order and Pay solution HAS to be seamless. It needs to open quickly and not require any downloads or registrations. It has to be super easy to use, so customers are not frustrated and put off by the process. A web-based solution will mean instant access to the digital menu and no barriers like long-winded sign-ups. When a customer is there, in the moment, wanting to order an ice-cold beer, do they really need to wait to download an app? Nope. They demand access in just one click!

We get a lot of comments from guests that Onvi runs super-quick, whereas they find a lot of the app-based Order and Pay solutions are rather clunky and slow.

George, Director, Caddies

2. How secure is your solution?

The pandemic has changed the operational procedures for pubs and restaurants, with many operators embracing digital solutions for the first time; often without necessarily understanding the implications of handling digital data.

When managing customer payments, you can’t afford to take risks. It’s essential for your mobile Order and Pay solution to follow best practices for information security to protect both you and your customers’ data. Basic PCI compliance isn’t enough. 

3. How do customers pay?

When it comes to successful mobile ordering, you need to ensure a fast and rewarding experience. Amazon has led the way in customers’ expectations for instant gratification, enabling easy mobile payments via one-click ordering. As a result, tech-savvy customers now demand the same level of technological sophistication wherever they shop.

Some ordering solutions require customers to set up an account, or register all of their card details which adds an additional step, slowing down the ordering process and creating frustration. What you need to look for is instant access to the menu without any app downloads, frictionless payments with Apple Pay and instant reordering, in just one click! When the process is easy, you’ll get more people paying via mobile, improving operational efficiency.

4. Does it look good?

You want your solution to “just work” and perform to its best. But let’s face it, you also want something sleek, professional and reflects your brand. There are several off the shelf mobile ordering apps out there, but let’s be honest, some of them can look a bit naff! 🤭

To reflect your brand, look for platforms with the highest quality visual design, enhanced by your logo and imagery.

The Operational Experience

5. Does it connect to my existing POS?

On a daily basis running a restaurant or bar requires you to carry out a whole raft of administrative tasks, from putting together sales reports, managing your inventory and managing staffing. Your POS system is at the hub of all this – tracking cash flow, managing stock levels and handling orders – essentially enabling you to operate smoothly and efficiently. It then comes as no surprise having your mobile Order and Pay integrate with your POS can offer a considerable advantage in keeping things running smoothly and doesn’t add any disruption to your existing processes.

6. How easy is it to update and edit my digital menu?

There are some solutions out there where it feels like you need a coding background to navigate making a change, or you need to wait for one of their developers to do it for you. Who has time for that? Look for solutions with genuinely intuitive back-end tools allowing you to make and preview any necessary changes yourself easily. This is fabulous as not only can you add new menu items, and turn collection/delivery on and off when required, you can continually optimise your menu to get the best returns!

7. Can customers make special requests?

When taking orders person to person, it’s easy for your customers to ask for coffee with skimmed milk or no mushrooms with breakfast. Of course, you want customers ordering on mobile to have the same experience and option to customise.

Look for providers who make it easy to set up modifiers and options. For example, if you run a coffee shop, you’ll need to be able to set up a modifier for milk options (oat, skimmed, soy, etc.) and link it to every coffee on your menu. In restaurants, you may want to set minimum and maximum options to choose from, so you could allow customers to pick up to five pizza toppings. Being able to simply reorder items, meaning you can highlight best-sellers and high margin items is also a huge bonus when it comes to menu management. 

8. How much will it cost me?

Let’s be honest – this is quite likely the first question you’ll want to ask! Sorry to leave you hanging!

You need to understand from your provider whether there will be any monthly fees. If they are running a promotion with no sign up and subscription fees, at what point will you be expected to start paying? Or, if there are no monthly fees, what are their transaction charges? What’s included in the price? Look for providers who are transparent about their pricing.

9. Is there customer support?

The odds are, adding mobile Order and Pay to your hospitality tech is new to you. Therefore, you will, quite rightly, need some hand-holding and expert advice. Look to see what level of customer support mobile ordering companies are offering. To make the most out of your solution it will be beneficial to work with a provider who can give you on-going advice and support and continually explore new features and improvements based on your feedback.

Finally, we want to end on a piece of advice from George Bejko-Cowlbeck, the founder of Caddies, one of the operators we have the pleasure to work with. He offers the most practical advice on choosing your tech:

Go and visit venues, and use their order & pay platforms – you’ll quickly find what makes or breaks a good platform, and what you want to see in the system you choose to go with.

Want to know more?

Onvi is the only mobile Order and Pay solution with ISO/IEC 27001 accreditation, the globally recognised standard for information security. Our ever-growing portfolio of clients and increasing volume of orders, means we’re in the fortunate position to remove all subscription fees and charge the lowest transaction rates in the sector. Not only that, we offer all our clients whether an enterprise brand or an SME, on-going expert support providing all the advice and tools needed to unlock the full potential of mobile Order and Pay.