How to increase mobile orders… and boost your profits!

Aug 12, 2021 5 min read

Mobile Order and Pay has so many benefits for your pub, bar, restaurant or coffee shop. With a delivery, click and collect or table service app, (or even better, a web-based mobile ordering solution) you can serve more customers, ease the pressure on your team, and open up new revenue streams.

And an often under-utilised benefit of online ordering is the level of insights you can gain about your customers. By putting more sales through mobile and online ordering you’ll be able to take your customer understanding to the next level, better optimise your QR code menu and boost your sales even more!

So just how do you get more of your customers using your mobile ordering software?

Make it clear how to order

If you’re promoting a table ordering or in-venue Pickup solution, make sure you have the right in-venue marketing materials, such as posters around your venue and QR codes on each table, so your customers know about it. 

Think about table toppers, window stickers, A-frame boards and any touch points in your venue where you can let people know how to order. Really consider how customers will first become aware not to queue at the bar or wait to be served at a table. The more they see, the more it will become a habit.

With Onvi, you can create marketing materials and QR codes within Onvi Control. For beautiful table QR code menu inspo we urge you to check out what The Pear Tree Inn do in this video. 

Ensure your staff are talking about it

There’s no better internal promotional asset than your staff - and mobile ordering certainly doesn’t mean you need to remove human interaction. It simply lets your team operate more efficiently, with less staff needed to do basic admin tasks, and more opportunities to provide great service.

At BOXPARK, which has multiple operators using mobile ordering for Order to Table at each site, many have seen 100% of orders go through mobile ordering, mainly as a result of great staff interaction with customers. They ensure staff fully explain the Order and Pay process to their guests, as Matthew Carter, Head of Technology at BOXPARK explains:

We had QR codes on the tables which worked well, but the real game-changer was when we had hosts at the door. They would seat everyone at tables and provide an A3 placemat for each guest, with clear QR codes for ordering both drinks and food.”

When staff fully understand the benefits of mobile ordering for both themselves and the customers (including tips!), it will be easier to ensure they are promoting the service well. Think about having an internal ordering app champion, offer staff incentives and be sure to include mobile Order and Pay in your steps of service to start seeing the real benefits of online ordering on your bottom line. 

Publicise on your social media channels

Alway make sure you put your mobile ordering solution on your website as well as your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media channels you use. Putting the link directly into your profile descriptions and posting about the service and any menu updates can boost sales by as much as 30%.

Don’t forget, with a good mobile ordering app or web-based solution, you’ll be able to let guests order in advance for Pickup or Delivery, and it’s also a great way to show off your dine-in menus. Don’t send customers to a tired old PDF on your website, let them really browse and interact with your menu. 

And that’s before we even mention promoting special offers. Talking of which...

Create exclusive offers for those using your digital menu

Your mobile Order and Pay solution should enable you to create discounts, vouchers and offers by category or menu item (and if it doesn’t have a look at Onvi’s promotions feature here to see what you might be missing out on!).

Perhaps offer 10% off the bill to those only using the mobile ordering app to entice them to use it, or give exclusive student discounts on mobile.  Or you could look at discounting your ‘sides’ to encourage upsell.

You can go even further and look at partnering with other organisations to promote online orders and get more customers to your venue.

Gourmet 4 Food Hall & Bar have 15 locations up and down the country with many of their sites in retail parks situated next to cinemas. They have tailored their promotions to offer 20% off discounts for customers with a cinema ticket to encourage guests to dine with them pre or post cinema. 

And Hidden Talents, who have various sites in rural Norfolk, including Byfords (a Café and B&B), Ffolkes and The Pigs (both pub hotels) have used Onvi’s Promotions feature to team up with Norfolk Passport to provide 10% off all food, drink and stays when members of the scheme show their card.

There’s any number of ways you can use features to boost sales in your pub, restaurant or coffee shop - and the real beauty of online ordering is the flexibility. You don’t have to worry about printing new menus to update offers; if your back-end software allows you to easily update your menu and special offers, you can constantly test and learn what works for your customers and start to really take advantage of digital to boost sales.

Don't forget the customer experience!

Last and most DEFINITELY not least, don’t forget: it’s all about the customer! 

If you run a busy pub or coffee shop, take a look at how you can really utilise mobile ordering in new ways to speed up service and remove the queues at the bar or till. For example, providing a ‘Pronto’ pickup point - so customers ordering quick, easy-to-prepare drinks can beat the lines and keep coming back for more (and more) - can delight customers who just want a quick refreshment. 

Your mobile ordering partner should provide you with a customer success manager to ensure you’ve really considered every step of the journey to make the experience as slick and rewarding as possible. They should help you review everything from the design and customisation of your menu (such as number or items and categories, the text and imagery), to the in-venue experience for table ordering or end-to-end solution for pickup and delivery.

Want to know more? Speak to the experts

The customer success team at Onvi are always on hand to share tips and advice and ensure you’re getting the most out of your solution. Feel free to get in touch.