A guide to maximising sales at the bar with mobile Order & Pay

Jul 26, 2021 2 min read

We’ve worked with pub and bar operators across the industry to compile a guide detailing hints and tips to make the most of mobile ordering.

If you’re looking for an ultimate ‘How to’ on mobile Order & Pay, our guide comes crammed with first-hand advice and proven strategies, including:

- Advice from BOXPARK on the best ways to promote your digital menu to customers.

- How Caddies have seen an increase in speed of service and spend per head.

- How The Beehive has used mobile ordering to open up a new revenue stream.

- How venues like The Snow Centre are driving sales and rewarding customers with promotions and incentives. 


If you want to understand how mobile Order & Pay can increase sales, improve efficiency and delight your customers, just schedule a chat with our team.

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