How BOXPARK maximises sales with Onvi mobile Order and Pay

Sep 09, 2021 1 min read

BOXPARK brings communities together by providing the best street food, drinks and entertainment under one roof across its three London venues. 

As Matthew Carter, Head of Digital, at BOXPARK explains, “We chatted to a lot of suppliers who facilitated mobile Order and Pay, but Onvi ticked the most boxes for us because of the POS integrations and the seamless payments”. 

After initially bringing Onvi in as an extra ordering option to help navigate the restrictions during the pandemic, BOXPARK found by the latter part of 2020, almost all orders across its entire estate were coming via Onvi. Today, BOXPARK blends table service and ordering at the bar to great effect, providing customers with payment methods to suit their needs. 

“It’s removed the amount of orders we were limited to before by people queuing at the bar, whereas now, you can serve everybody on site.”

Watch our case study to see the benefits Onvi brings to BOXPARK traders, such as increasing average transaction values, and hear the reasons why “mobile ordering is here to stay at BOXPARK.”