Five tips for a safe Pickup experience with mobile Order & Pay

May 06, 2021 2 min read

The announcement of the tightening of lockdown rules in Scotland means customers can no longer come into your premises to pick up their Takeaways, and must instead collect from a hatch or doorway.

The good news here is that you can still carry on serving via click and collect! We’ve pulled together some top tips to make sure your Pickup solution operates as safely as possible for both your customers and staff.

1. Create a pop-up message on your web-app, reminding customers of the new guidelines, e.g. ‘Please ensure you are following government rules, wear a mask, and keep two meters apart when you come to collect your meal’. Or you could create a more personal message informing customers of where they can now collect their food and outline the process you’ll be implementing at your venue. 

This will be new to customers, so it’s always good to do as much hand-holding and reassuring as possible!

Onvi customers can create this pop-up in your ‘Home’ settings of the Merchant Dashboard. Go to ‘App Customisations’, then into ‘Customisations Option’ and you will be able to scroll down and click on ‘Notice pop-up’ to add a message. 

2. Display directional signage at your venue, making it clear where the collection point is. You can also display your QR codes and provide friendly reminders to ‘wear a mask; and ‘keep apart’.

3. If you are likely to get queues of people arriving for collection, put out two-meter markers so customers can maintain safe distances.

4. It’s good practice to provide hand sanitiser at the point of pickup for extra reassurance to customers.

5. Ensure you have a contactless way to hand over the Takeaway. This could be a physical barrier or simply placing the Takeaway on a table and stepping away before allowing the customer to take their meal. The crucial thing is to keep 2m apart.

If you are an Onvi customer and need any assistance with setting up your customer notification or are after any other tips and advice, then feel free to get in touch with our customer support team who will be happy to help.