Four ways mobile Order & Pay maximises sales during sports events

Jun 01, 2021 4 min read

Following a year and a half of having minimal sport to watch from our living room sofas, there is enormous pent up demand for returning to the pub to enjoy the atmosphere of watching with friends. With international football making its return in June, a mobile Order and Pay solution complete with a scannable QR code for pubs or bars to use, could be a game-changer in helping you manage demand and increase sales. Here we share four ways mobile Order & Pay can help you increase your profit margins during the games this summer...

1. Serve more customers and say goodbye to queues

Recent research shows a hefty 77% of consumers don't want to queue at the bar while enjoying sport* and are likely to choose their viewing venue based on those who'll fit this demand.

With a good mobile Order and Pay solution in place guests never have to queue again. They can sit at their table and spend just the briefest of moments scanning a QR code (there is no need to wait for a pub ordering app to download or register an account), tap in their order and checkout instantly with Apple Pay, Google Pay or card. 

When it comes to getting another round in and increasing that all-important spend per head, the real beauty comes from our simple reordering feature. With a click of a button, customers can instantly place an order to keep topped up with food and beverage throughout the game. With some matches played back-to-back, this is a great way to ensure the drinks keep flowing and maximise sales off each table (around a 30% uplift compared with ordering at the bar). 

2. Upsell with match day specials 

With less table turnover during live sports events, venues have to be innovative with ways to maximise sales. Adding specific match day special offers to your menu is a great way of achieving this. 

51% of customers want food before a match starts and only 37% after the match finishes.** So offering things like pre-match meal sharing platters and pre-game beer bucket promotions encourages groups to come down early for the build-up, increasing their spending period. No technical expertise is required to create these deals through our  back-of-house software. You can even set availability times for promotions.

3. Increase your customer base with takeaways 

Research shows 7.9 million adults intend to have friends over to their home this summer specifically to watch sport.*** Mobile Order & Pay not only maximises sales from your in-venue guests, but by using Pickup or Delivery features, you can also cater to these sports lovers at home. A 'match day' at home menu is a great way to market this offer. If your kitchens are open to service in-venue diners already, and you can do so, why not service more customers? This blog post gives lots of advice on managing a takeout and collection service.

4. Better manage your team's time

A mobile Order and Pay solution can minimise staff inefficiency as waiting staff no longer need to spend time taking payments or logging orders. Instead, they can spend their time preparing and delivering more food and drinks with maximum efficiency. And by removing the functional, transactional part of their role - they have more time to engage with customers and join in with the sporting banter. 

Mobile Order & Pay platforms alleviate the pressures of staff shortages. Through some number crunching, we've found that operators using our mobile Order & Pay solution see an average shift time for a single staff member reduced by 2.5-3 hours based on every 100 orders. This means, there is no need to bring in a full extra team to cover the match days, meaning you reduce staff cost whilst also increasing sales.

With no setup fees, subscriptions or long-term contracts, with Onvi, you get instant access to a premium online ordering solution packed with features to increase your profits - and all for just a low transaction fee per order. Have a chat with our friendly team today, who'll happily offer advice to get your venue ready for the upcoming sporting fixtures. 


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