How Caddies increased speed of service and spend per head

May 06, 2021 3 min read

Established in May 2018 by three friends, Caddies is home to two retro ’70s inspired Crazy Golf Courses, a BBQ Restaurant, Cocktail Lounge Bar and Comedy Club. 

During the day, Caddies predominantly appeals to a family market. However, by night, the breadth of entertainment on offer at the venue attracts the younger 18 – 35 years old demographic. This means Caddies treads a fine line to ensure it pleases both markets and therefore requires dynamic and flexible systems.


Whether playing a round of golf or enjoying a comedy act, the nature of the business means guests are often so in the moment enjoying their experience, they don’t want to break away to order drinks at the bar. Given the dwell time in the venue, the Caddies team wanted to be able to find a way to encourage customers to order additional beverages and increase their spend per head.

Initially, the team tried to combat this by providing tablets for customers to place orders. Payments could not be processed in this way, with the onus on staff to take payments, placing demand on their time.  It also meant customers couldn’t discreetly order extra drinks during shows, meaning Caddies could not maximise their revenues.


It was the sleek, easy-to-use customer interface, coupled with the intuitive back-end management tools, which made Onvi stand apart from the competition. The frictionless integration with their EPOS provider, Tevalis, made Onvi the clear choice after exploring various solutions.

EPOS integration was crucial for us – we have many systems in place, and to have everything communicating is essential. Our Onvi & Tevalis EPOS integration is the most reliable of any we run amongst our existing systems.

George, Director, Caddies


Since implementing Onvi mobile Order and Pay, Caddies has seen a noticeable increase in spend per head as they successfully enable customers to order additional drinks. 

The solution has reduced the demand on the bar – as most people now order their drinks via Onvi. 

It may not sound like a lot, but just that 30 seconds every time processing payments and taking the orders soon adds up – bartenders can now focus on getting drinks out as quickly as possible ensuring minimal wait times.

The feedback from Caddies guests has been hugely positive.

Many customers have commented it is the best “app” they have used for mobile Order and Pay, the fact they do not have to download anything or register all their details is a huge bonus for them. They also get a lot of comments from guests that it runs super-quick, whereas they find a lot of the app-based order & pay solutions are rather clunky and slow.

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