How to succeed with mobile Order & Pay

May 06, 2021 3 min read

69% of 18-34s expect most restaurants to have a mobile ordering solution in the future, according to research carried out by Onvi. And, in a busy restaurant or café they’re more than twice as likely to want to order by mobile than with a member of staff. Those within the hospitality industry can’t afford to ignore the growing demand for mobile ordering, and those who don’t have the right strategy for optimising mobile Order & Pay risk being left behind.

One billion people worldwide will make an in-store payment on their phones in 2020. 

To give you a head start on building the foundation to a successful mobile ordering and payment strategy, we created a free guide that walks you through a step-by-step plan of doing it right. Download the PDF guide for a simple yet comprehensive look into what your customers expect, and how you can provide it to them, alongside practical and proven tips to help you along the way.

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In the full guide you’ll learn how to…

Start planning for a new solution

Like implementing anything new within your operations, you need to first look at what you want to achieve with a mobile Order and Pay solution. The guide outlines the benefits of mobile Order and Pay, but this step addresses what tangible success needs to look like for you. Because of the wide reach of a mobile Order & Pay solution, you’ll need internal stake-holder buy-in from across the business. In the guide, we outline the benefits you should highlight for different departments, including IT, Marketing and Operations, as well as the potential challenges that might crop up with each group.

Bring your stakeholders into the picture early on, to make sure their ideas and concerns are fully understood and addressed from the get-go.

Choose the right technology

There’s a wide pool of potential mobile solutions to consider, so think about HOW your customers will access the experience. And, how the technology will work operationally within your business.

69% of 18-34s would use mobile ordering more if they didn’t have to download an app. – Onvi/Kantar, Nat Rep Study 2019

The guide addresses critical points to consider when choosing a solution that will improve, rather than disrupt, the current operational structure.

Successfully implement and promote the solution

It might seem like you’ve crossed a threshold once objectives have been clearly established and you have subsequently chosen the right solution … but the implementation process and a well thought-out launch will determine the success of the new addition.

Ultimately, the solution will only live up to its potential if your customers know it’s there. Make it easy to find in-venue and piggyback your marketing plans off of existing consumer behaviour. Use the full guide to check off promotional opportunities and ensure you’re ticking all the boxes to a successful roll-out.

Measure results and continuously improve

You should have access to huge amounts of customer data when you utilise your mobile Order and Pay solution. Use that data to consistently improve on your promotional approach. And, it’s not just transactional customer data you should be looking at, also think about things like staff feedback, speed of service and cost savings.

Mobile Order and Pay offers the opportunity to completely transform your business. But, with an increasingly digitally-savvy market, you need to work through a thorough process to make the most of it. Read the full guide to get the full steps, including Onvi’s tips and tricks, to utilise Order & Pay successfully.