Using Promotions with mobile Order & Pay to increase pub and bar sales

Jul 20, 2021 5 min read

Did someone say Happy Hour? 

We’re constantly seeking out new ways to develop our software and offer new methods for hospitality businesses to engage and retain customers. We’re delighted to launch our Promotions feature, a powerful solution to help our operators maximise sales as they return to full capacity post-freedom day

The Promotions tool allows you to create bespoke offers by location, category or menu item to incentivise your customers. You can use the ‘Vouchers’ feature to tailor discounts to a specific group of customers, triggered via a voucher code they input at checkout. Alternatively, you can use the ‘Auto-applied’ feature which, you guessed it, automatically applies a rules-based discount to your customers’ baskets at checkout. Promotions can be displayed loud and proud as a banner along the bottom of the digital menu so your guests’ attention can be drawn right to it.    

Here are just some examples of how you can start to use Promotions to benefit your bar, pub, winery, brewery, or any other hospitality venue right away.

Boost sales when and where they are needed most

With Onvi, you can now offer promotions to give your sales a boost at specific times or days. You could use them to drive weekday lunchtime trade from 12pm until 2pm by using the ‘Custom times’ panel or apply the offer from 5pm to 7pm to attract a post-work trade. 

You can also customise the promotions to different locations if you have multiple sites under your belt. Gourmet 4 Food Hall & Bar have 15 locations up and down the country so have explored using this location customisation when setting discounts. Many of their sites sit in retail or trade parks with some sites situated next to cinemas. They have tailored their promotions to offer 20% off discounts for customers with a cinema ticket to encourage guests to dine with them pre or post cinema. Andy Saxena, Operations Manager, explained they have tailored this discount to only be used where there is a specific need to boost sales: "We offer promotions in locations that don't have a natural footfall but have a cinema close by; in locations with a good footfall, we don't use it". Clever, huh? 

Reach out to new customers  

The Promotions feature can be used to engage new customer groups. For example, if your site is located in a student city or town you could offer unique codes for student discounts on certain nights. 

You could also partner with other local organisations and offer promotions to drive footfall. Hidden Talents, who have various sites in rural Norfolk, including Byfords (a Café and B&B), Ffolkes (a pub and hotel) and The Pigs (a pub and hotel) have used our Promotions feature to team up with Norfolk Passport to provide 10% off all food, drink and stays when members of the scheme show their card. Once validated, staff provide the guests with a unique checkout code which can be used for all their transactions. 

Craig Perry from the Hidden Talents team explains how this has become a reality:

The membership programme (the Norfolk Passport) has over 130,000 members and using Onvi’s Promotions feature to implement the discount has been a painless, seamless experience.”

Increase loyalty from regular customers

Targeted offers can also be used as a tool to sustain loyalty from regular guests, providing them with specific offers on their birthdays, or based on their purchase history, for example. The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead, has been making the most of offering discounts to members and monthly pass holders via email marketing. Ciaran Gillespie, the IT Manager at The Snow Centre explains: “We run promotion codes for our members and monthly pass holders, which offer a 10% discount to those who have purchased a monthly ski/snowboard passes. We communicate the monthly codes through our CRM via email.” This rewards the members whilst also creating an extra incentive for other regular visitors to purchase a monthly ski/snowboard pass. 

Ciaran also explained that by using Onvi to process the discounts, guest satisfaction has increased:

Promotion codes have been very successful at The Snow Centre. In June we had 682 redemptions. Our guests love it as it means they no longer have to queue or wait for a team member to receive their discounts, it can all be done from their mobiles.”

Maximise profitability 

With Promotions, you don’t just have to offer blanket discounts across your whole menu as you are able to customise the promotions to specific parts of your menu. You could be strategic and offer some short-term promotions on items which give you the highest margins. You could also use this tool as a way to offload extra stock. You could add a 50% discount on burgers on a Monday and make use of the ‘Number of uses’ field, which allows you to control the number of times the promotion can be used by customers. So when they’re gone, they’re gone. 

The ‘Minimum basket amount’ feature drives sales as it is designed as a way to incentivise customers to spend a set amount in order to access the discount. Additionally, the ‘Maximum basket amount’ puts you in control of capping the maximum discount applied to one order ensuring that you as the operator continue to benefit. 

So, there you have it - the ins and outs of our Promotions feature. There is no need to upgrade to make the most of the Promotions feature - every Onvi user has access to it at no additional charge. 

If you’re an existing Onvi operator you can get set up with the feature right away - it is easy to set up yourself and our guide is a useful resource. If you have further questions or feedback please speak to our support team here. They are on hand to guide you through should you need it. 

If you’re interested in how Onvi works and would like an overview of this or any other features, let us know here!