Introducing Onvi Serve for Mobile (AKA, the POS in your pocket)

Apr 05, 2022 4 min read

The Onvi Serve app is now available for iPhone. The launch of Onvi Serve for Mobile means Onvi users benefit from all the functionality of the modern POS system but can access and use it on their smartphones too, effectively creating a powerful pocket POS solution. 

With Onvi Serve for Mobile, hospitality operators can manage cash, card and mobile payments quickly and easily, with the till and order management features perfectly optimised for mobile. Plus, live sales updates can be accessed in the palm of your hand, whether you're at the till or checking in from afar.  

The Onvi Serve mobile app connects to the Onvi Control account in the same way as the iPad till system, so operators on mobile will have access to all the features available in the full POS system. This means you can manage your online ordering, Uber Eats orders, vouchers & promotions and get deep sales analytics even when taking orders straight from your iPhone. 

With Onvi Serve for Mobile, even the smallest hospitality businesses now have access to a premium POS solution straight from their phone, so busy operators can stay connected with their business, wherever, whenever.

Onvi’s sleek, modern and affordable POS software has been engineered to meet the specific needs of independent, innovative small hospitality businesses looking to start and grow their ventures.  Onvi Serve for Mobile can be used as a stand alone POS, handling orders and payments with nothing more than a phone and a card reader, or to compliment Onvi Serve

Here’s why Onvi Serve for Mobile will suit your business needs:

It’s adaptable like you:

Attending local food and drink festivals, street markets, and public or private events is vital for savvy business owners to build brand awareness and increase revenue streams. Taking orders and payments with nothing more than a smartphone and a card reader saves the outlay on additional hardware and saves space if you go from a bricks and mortar venue to a van or kiosk. Mobile POS systems are also great if you have al fresco dining/drinking areas and want to serve those seated outside more efficiently. Use your Onvi mPOS as an additional terminal to take the orders and payments of those seated outside. 

It’s built for reliability:

Onvi Serve is a mobile POS system that can run from your phone's network without having an additional WiFi connection. This is particularly useful when attending festivals and outdoor events, as by operating across 4/5G mobile networks, you’re not going to be reliant on any sketchy WiFi connections. Onvi has an industry-leading uptime of 99.95%, minimising failed payments which can be a big issue for many vendors. 

It helps handle the rush:

It's a good problem, but you need to handle a rush efficiently to keep customers (and your team!) happy. 

If you're using Onvi Serve on an iPad (or iPhone) as your main POS terminal, you can easily add additional devices to your account to help take extra orders. Simply download the Onvi Serve app to your teams' phones, and you can serve more customers wherever they are without adding more pressure at the till.

It works on the go:

Onvi Serve for Mobile puts real-time sales performance in the palm of your hand. Access your daily sales figures wherever you are, making sure you’re on top of business without needing to be at your till point or on a laptop.

POS. Reimagined. 

At Onvi, we're proud to be doing things a bit differently. We started life as a mobile Order & Pay provider (so we know a lot about optimising tools for mobile phones.) Through conversations with hospitality operators, we uncovered a massive gap in the market for a genuine mobile-first full-service POS which meets the needs of innovative, independent operators. This is why we diversified to offer a POS solution trusted by food trucks, cafes and small hospitality operators. 

Onvi is designed to the highest reliability, stability, and security levels.

•Service uptime of 99.95% over the past six months

•Run from WiFi or your phone network, so you have backup connectivity if your internet connectivity drops

•Round-the-clock human support

You'll get full access to our support team seven days a week, extensive onboarding help, a full warranty on all hardware, and access to our knowledge centre and training videos for absolute peace of mind. So, if you're curious about what Onvi can do for your business, then get in touch

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