Introducing Onvi Serve

Jan 24, 2022 2 min read

It's official. We've evolved our mobile Order & Pay product into a modern POS solution. 

By working extensively with leading hospitality operators and applying our industry know-how, we have engineered a complete point of sale system designed to put you in full control.

The new Onvi Serve app means you can now manage cash, card and mobile payments quickly and simply from an iPad, maximising revenue streams through in-person ordering, collection and delivery. An intuitive Orders screen makes it super easy to view and process all your tickets. You can add notes to the kitchen and integrate with printers for customer receipts or printing orders for your bar or kitchen. 

Today's mobile-first customer demands the ability to scroll through beautiful digital menus and order and pay in advance, which is why our best-in-class mobile Order & Pay experience still sits at the heart of our offering. But it's now just a small part of the features we proudly offer all ambitious hospitality business owners looking to start and grow their brand. 

Our ever-evolving analytics tools and insights give instant access to the data needed to understand key sales and revenue drivers. You can track sales and review performance against historical trends; identify categories or items that have a real impact on your revenue, and monitor peak trading times to optimise resource scheduling - all within a live dashboard. This means being able to drill down into your performance at a glance without having to wait to download unnecessary and overcomplicated reports.

Other than our slick POS software, one of the things we’re most proud of is our customer care. This is why every single Onvi user receives round-the-clock help whenever they need it from our friendly, expert and human team.

If you’re after a POS solution with the features to help you start and grow your hospitality business, why not arrange a no-obligation demo of our affordable POS system today? 

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