Six tips for returning to full capacity with mobile Order & Pay

Jul 13, 2021 4 min read

Now that full capacity dining and drinking is finally back, some of your operations may have to be adjusted again to serve the increased demand. Here are six of our top tips for ways that you can make switching back to full capacity as efficient, smooth and profitable as possible.

1. Make sure you can handle the rush 🏃

All businesses that have remained closed - including nightclubs - are now able to reopen, with no cap on capacity. Coupling this with customer desire to get out and celebrate the rules ending, it's a recipe for busy venues. 

When it comes to serving more happy customers, mobile ordering is invaluable. Firstly, by significantly reducing the wait for ordering and paying, your team will be able to speed up table turnover and maximise throughput at peak times. On average, our customers see at least a 30% uplift in sales vs traditional ordering, with several venues, like in this case study, seeing sales double. 

Secondly, with mobile ordering, you can get easy access to data showing exactly when your peak capacity is and communicate with customers to encourage off-peak visits. When things get busy, decent Order and Pay solutions help with capacity management, alerting customers to wait times and limiting the number of orders going through during set times. 

2. Align with the shift to digital📱

Regardless of the pandemic, no one ever enjoyed queuing at a busy bar or waiting for their orders or payments to be taken. Even though compulsory table service will come to an end and customers can be served at the bar, it’s unlikely they’ll want to. Our research shows 64% of consumers report they are likely to continue using mobile Order & Pay as their primary payment method in hospitality venues post-pandemic, proving this technology has become habitual for many consumers. This figure rises to 75% of 18-24 year-olds. Take a look at our blog on the six reasons why mobile Order and Pay is here to stay to see all the long-term business benefits this technology provides.

3. Continue to service the 'at home' market 🏠

With the return of house parties, people may wish to host gatherings and events at home. Don't miss out on the opportunity to increase sales by servicing an 'at home' market.

Dominic Chapman, Chef & Proprietor of The Beehive Pub & Restaurant, sees the long-term benefit in offering a Click & Collect service.

If you look at Indian restaurants, for example, they do a great job of running a takeaway alongside their dine-in customers. Offering takeout doesn't add any complexity to our operations and will be a great way to top up revenues during the week."

From the practicalities of getting up and running with takeout, through to marketing your new service, and how to partner with a local restaurant or food truck, our guide on 'How to adapt for Takeaway' is well worth a read.

4. Plan ahead for staff shortages 🤒

While the restrictions may be lifted, we still all need to live with the virus and continue to navigate the challenges it brings. There is still potential for staff shortages due to illness or self-isolation of non-vaccinated team members. 

Mobile Order and Pay makes it possible to still provide your customers with outstanding service, despite a reduced team. By entrusting the facilitation of payments and the manually taking of orders to software, the time shaved off each of these steps can see the average member of front of house staff increase productivity to the equivalent of adding an additional 3 hours to their shift. We have an in-depth blog post on navigating staff shortages which provides a deeper dive into how tech can help.

5. Cater to office workers 👔

The requirement for people to work from home, where possible, has been dropped. And while homeworking will continue for many, you can't underestimate people's desire for real face-to-face time. Why not capitalise on the lunchtime market with 'Working Lunch Deals', providing workers with quick dishes they can eat, and thanks to swift mobile payment, pay for in under an hour? Or create bundle deals for groups who may use your pub and bar as a meeting space? Mobile Order and Pay solutions like Onvi make it possible to update your menu to create these specials in just a few clicks. The 'after work crowd' may also make a comeback, especially on Thursday and Friday evenings, so make sure you can manage the demand (see point 1). 

 6. Give customers a reason to celebrate 🎆

Covid restrictions have heavily impacted everyone's lives; the regulations finally easing as we learn to live with the virus is a reason to be celebrated. Why not capitalise on the festivities by creating special events like Happy Hours or themed nights? With Onvi, you can create promotions based on your location, menu category or even individual menu items, giving discounts to all customers or just those with a code. 

Considering mobile ordering for your venue?  Why not arrange a chat with our team to see how we can help your business thrive.