Maximise your Christmas sales with simple tweaks 

Dec 06, 2021 4 min read

You're no doubt already on top of your festive season preparations, but what if we told you there are a few small things you can still be doing which you might not have thought about? Simple things which will help you to maximise sales and really capitalise on the Christmas season.

Give your menu a festive glow up.

Pigs in blankets. Check. Turkey and trimmings. Check. We're sure you have Christmas specials covered, but what about giving a festive makeover to products you already offer without having to reinvent the wheel completely? Make use of Onvi's Analytics and drill down into the data to understand your best-selling products. If you see a side order of chips does well, why not add some cheese and some turkey from your main menu and a dollop of cranberry sauce? Voila - Festive Fries! You get a brand new menu item without sourcing new ingredients with a decent upsell value on your standard chips. With customers feeling more indulgent this time of year, it's the perfect opportunity to give things the Christmas sparkle treatment.

Pretty as a picture

Having a digital menu increases sales by as much as 30% due to the ease of ordering. Add decent imagery, and that can rocket to 65%! Don't have the budget for a photographer? Not to worry. Why not publicise on social media for customers to share snaps of their meals to feature on your menu? You can offer prizes for those that take part or offer a discount on their meal. You can easily set this up with a voucher code through Onvi Control. The great thing about this is your social feeds will be flooded with people sharing images of your delicious festive treats, which will be great marketing for your venue. And the beauty of a digital menu is you can update it whenever you want, so you can add the imagery and keep it fresh and updated throughout your festive season.

You could even go a stage further and identify influential food bloggers in your area. Invite them along to sample your menu in exchange for using their imagery on your web app menu. You'll also reach a wider audience who'll find out more about your new menu via their favourite bloggers.

Package deal

Make better use of Categories by creating "Festive Favourites" or "Seasonal Specials" and listing all your Christmas offerings in one place so customers can easily find what they are looking for. A great upsell and way to highlight what you most want to be selling to avoid wastage is to package starters, mains and desserts together with an inclusive price to encourage those who may not necessarily choose a starter or dessert to "push the boat out". 

Help your staff

Mobile Order & Pay can shave an average of 3 hours off waiting staff shifts as they don't have to worry about the, let's face it, mundane tasks of scribbling orders and processing payments. Even if you're not using Order & Pay at the moment, it will be essential to turn it back on when you get busy. This way, staff can spend their time being hospitable, explaining the specials and engaging in light-hearted banter with your customers, making sure they have an unbeatable experience. It's that great conversation with "the friendly bartender" that people remember. Not the fact they handed over a PDQ so well! 

Promotion, Promotion, Promotion

Don't lose out to the competition. Make sure to promote your festive menus and events as much as possible. We've already touched on social media and working with influencers but don't overlook the simple, quick wins. Put a link to your digital menu on your website and social media. That way, customers can browse your menu ahead of time to really whet their appetites. 

Don't neglect the homebodies

We've lots of examples of businesses that pivoted successfully during lockdown to continue serving those at home. Well, if possible, why not continue a Click and Collect service? There will be customers, partied out, who would love a restaurant cooked meal from the comfort of their own homes. You already have the staff in the kitchen and customers can order from their phones at home (remember to share your menu URL or QR code), so they don't need to clog the booking phone lines placing orders - it's a no brainer to give an additional revenue stream.

Every day's a school day

Check the Analytics in the back-end of your mobile Ordering app. Create packages of items that sell well together, remove things that aren't performing well (after highlighting them at a special price to clear down stock), look at when your busy periods are to increase staffing. Equally, assess your quieter periods to see if you can do anything to attract customers during downtime. The data is at your fingertips to make use of. Ignore it at your peril. 

Don't have mobile Order and Pay? Not to worry - get in touch with the team today who'll help you get set up in no time at all. And don't forget, follow us on our social channels to get more hints and tips.

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