Onvi partners with Peckwater Brands

Apr 08, 2022 1 min read

We’re constantly looking for new and exciting ways to leverage value for our customers, and one such way is through our partnerships programme. 

That’s why it’s especially exciting for us to partner with Peckwater Brands, whose innovative virtual restaurant solution offers significant value to any operator within the F&B industry. 

Peckwater Brands develops high-performing brands optimised specifically for the delivery market. These brands can then be launched in any kitchen with space capacity to generate additional revenue from their existing assets. 

It’s no secret that during lockdowns, takeaway boomed! Now, many customers continue to use food delivery platforms more habitually as an alternative to cooking, with food delivery becoming a core part of most businesses in the F&B space. Peckwater helps operators unlock this opportunity by providing a clear route to market for food delivery.

With competitive brands, simple operations and strong support both at launch and on an ongoing basis, Peckwater’s solutions give partners everything they need to succeed in the food delivery market. 

When executed to a consistently good standard, partners can expect to generate between £12,103 and £45,853 a month in additional revenue. 

In partnership with Onvi, Peckwater can offer a 50% discount on sign up fees for any Onvi customer! 

Take advantage of this exclusive Onvi offer by booking a call with Peckwater’s Sales Team today!


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