Serve more customers with mobile Order and Pay using ‘Pronto’ pickup

Aug 03, 2021 4 min read

With restrictions lifted, the challenge for many pubs and bars has now - finally! - moved on from ‘how can I serve enough customers with reduced capacity?’ to ‘how can I maximise sales at peak times? It’s never been more crucial to efficiently satisfy demand on a Friday night when your venue is packed and customers are impatiently waiting to be served. 

So with ongoing issues of staff shortages and the need to maximise sales, how can you best reduce the waiting and increase the ordering? 

Mobile Order and Pay can provide the answer to your problems. By simply adding a ‘Pronto’ pickup solution and a well designed digital menu, you can make a huge difference in your speed of service and efficiency. 

A Pronto pickup solution? What’s that? 

It’s just a way of serving the customers who want their drinks ‘pronto’, without making them wait at the bar. Simply dedicate an area of the bar (or some other physical space like a counter, tabletop, gazebo, etc) to service those ordering easy-to-prepare, quick drinks or rounds to collect having already ordered and paid on mobile.  It means spending seconds, not minutes, physically serving each customer - crucial on a busy weekend.

Sounds like it might take a bit of do I implement it? 

With Onvi, it's super straightforward, and we can give you all the help you need to get up and running right away. Just decide which of your menu items you'd like to offer from a dedicated Pronto collection point (this can be as simple as a specific section of your bar, or it could be a temporary pop up in your beer garden). Think about items that are quick and easy to prepare, such as bottled beers and selected house wines. You then create a new “Pronto” menu for your customers to order from (you can call it whatever you like of course!) Our team can support you with setting up pickup points and advise on how your team can quickly fulfil orders.

How does it work for my customers? 

Customers will choose to collect items from a Pronto pickup point and then order and pay as normal through the web app, receiving an SMS alert when the collection is ready. They’ll then get clear instructions on where to collect their order. It can literally be the difference between 20 seconds or 10 mins to get a drink for your customers. 

How will it help my business? 

Glad you asked. Here are a few ways a Pronto service can help a busy pub or bar: 

1. Increase sales 

You'll serve more customers who just want a quick beer without waiting in a queue or for a team member to take their order and deliver it. This increases throughput and opportunities for existing customers to keep coming back for more. 

2. Improve the experience 

Less waiting makes for happier customers - especially those who tend to get stuck trying to order three bottles of beer behind a big cocktail order. Put simply, short queues at the bar make for a more pleasant experience all round. 

3. Remove inefficiencies 

Getting more customers to order and pay from their own devices at peak times means you won't need as many team members taking orders and payments at the till - vital for when you've got staff shortages or an evening rush. Figuring out an efficient process for when the bar is packed is essential to maximising sales. A Pronto pickup point can be switched on and off really quickly - so you could use collection points on a Friday night and Saturday night to maximise efficiency when you need it most.  

How do I find out more? 

If you're a current Onvi user and interested in adding this to your solution, get in touch with your Customer Support Manager or enquire here. Adding a Pronto service is not an upgrade, and there is no additional charge; you can get started with it right away! 

If you're not yet using mobile Order and Pay but think it could benefit your pub or bar operations, drop a line to our team, they'll give you a walkthrough of the platform and show you how to set up a dedicated Pronto menu and pickup area.