Six reasons why mobile Order & Pay is here to stay

Jul 07, 2021 4 min read

With "normal" life fast approaching - is mobile Order & Pay here to stay? We might be (slightly) biased, but unsurprisingly it is a confident yes from us. Here's why. 

1. Mobile Order & Pay unlocks new revenue streams

We witnessed a huge uptake in Pickup services early on in the crisis, as restaurants, bars, and cafés diversified to takeaway and collection to keep serving customers during the lockdown. This shows no sign of slowing as many operators learn they can efficiently service collection customers alongside dine in without changing their operational processes. Dominic Chapman, Chef and Proprietor of The Beehive sums this up in our case study, "Offering takeout doesn't add any complexity to our operations and will be a great way to top up revenues during the week."

2. Technology leads to long-term cost savings

The hospitality industry is clearly under unprecedented pressure, and every opportunity must be taken to reduce costs to help operators return to profit. By automating processes and using the customer's own device, mobile Order & Pay technology can significantly reduce the need for staff to manage orders and payments and replace expensive hardware such as PDQs and kiosks. 

By entrusting the facilitation of payments and the manually taking of orders to software, the time shaved off each of these steps can see the average member of front of house staff increase productivity to the equivalent of adding 3 hours to their shift! With ongoing staff shortages, we have a whole blog post on how mobile Order and Pay can help your business operate efficiently with a reduced team.

3. Order & Pay software increases sales 

Operators need to note that mobile Order and Pay is so much more than a digital version of a printed menu. The beauty of it being online is that it can be continually adapted and isn't static. It can be changed to highlight best-sellers, draw attention to higher-margin items and develop bundle deals.

Simply creating different categories such as 'summer specials' within the menu leads to great success - it means items an operator wants to promote are displayed clearly on the digital menus' landing page. Arranging the menu like this simplifies the customer journey, encouraging purchases and upsells for things like sides and specials customers may not have considered before.

Mobile ordering is proven to increase sales per visit by 30% or more. Not just through the ease of upselling but also with instant one-click reordering. Enforced table service has been anything but a restriction for customers who've had access to a good mobile ordering solution; the ability to quickly get another round (or two) in without leaving your seat is a huge benefit that customers are now recognising. 

4. QR code ordering maximises throughput 

When it comes to serving more happy customers, mobile ordering is invaluable in two ways: firstly, by significantly reducing the wait for ordering and paying, operators can speed up table turnover and maximise throughput at peak times. Secondly, with the opportunities to connect directly with customers through  mobile ordering, operators will have increased ability to manage capacity throughout the week. Operators can get easy access to data showing exactly when their peak capacity is, and communicate with customers to encourage off-peak visits. When things get busy, decent Order and Pay solutions help with capacity management, alerting customers to wait times and limiting the number of orders going through during set times.

5. Customers no longer accept mobile ordering; they increasingly demand it

64% of consumers report they are likely to continue using mobile Order and Pay as their primary payment method in hospitality venues post-pandemic, proving this technology has become habitual for many consumers. This figure rises to 75% of 18-24 year-olds. 

Despite media reports of older customers struggling with technology, we've found that age is just a number. Usage of our platform among the over 65s has increased by 30% since lockdown eased, and the most significant uptake in mobile ordering has been the 55- 64-year-olds, whose usage has increased by 68%!

These figures talk for themselves. Consumers have seen the real benefit of not having to spend precious social time with friends and family queuing at a packed bar for the next round or getting to the front of the queue and forgetting half the drinks! Instead, they can now soak up the atmosphere while food and beverages are smoothly delivered to the table. Traditional service no longer considers the preferences of the evolved consumer, and businesses that don't adapt will likely be left behind. 

6. Hygiene and social distancing 

Finally, while mobile Order and Pay is so much more than a way to navigate Covid-19 restrictions, you cannot underestimate how much the pandemic will continue to affect customer behaviour for years to come. Research shows a considerable decline in customers wanting to order from a shared kiosk, stand too close to staff, and pay with cash. Enabling customers to order and pay from their own devices, either ahead of a visit or from their table, is convenient and safe.

Are you interested in exploring QR code ordering a bit more? Our friendly team will happily chat through the ways mobile Order and Pay can provide long-term benefits to your business.