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May 10, 2022 5 min read
Here’s the lowdown on the updates going live from Monday 23 May 2022.


Cue dramatic music. Our highly anticipated tabbing feature will be available to all our POS operators!

  • Orders can go through without payment attached.

  • Edit unpaid orders, add items and update order information.

  • Print an itemised bill for the customers showing all items ordered, any fees or discounts, and the total to be paid.

  • Take payment with card or cash when the customer is ready.

Comp and void items

You asked, we listened. POS users can:

  • Comp items for customers, staff or family and friends.

  • Void items that have been ordered by mistake.

Updated “Orders” screen

It’ll be easier than ever for all our users to manage and stay on top of orders.

  • All orders are now displayed in a list which makes it easy to scan.

  • Filter down to just the orders that need attention. For example, unpaid orders for table service and uncollected orders for pickup and delivery.

  • Notify customers when a pickup order is ready or delivery order is on its way.

Ticket-based “KDS”

All operators using Onvi Serve on iPad will be able to:

  • See all new tickets in a clean format that's easy to read in a busy kitchen and bar.

  • Receive a new ticket every time items are added to an order - just like you would with printed tickets.

  • Tick off items as they are prepared.

A new style of order and KDS notifications

Too much beeping?  Too little beeping?  One thing we’ve learnt is everyone likes their notifications served in different ways!  With this update you can now:

  • Set notification type to suit the operations - e.g. order notifications for the front of house or KDS notifications for the kitchen or bar.

  • Set how long you want notifications to beep for.

  • Notifications will automatically stop beeping once you're using your iPad again.

Printer routing

We’ve improved printer routing for all operators using Onvi Serve on an iPad. This release means you can:

  • Connect multiple printers at a single site.

  • Print jobs only where they are needed, based on menu categories - customer receipts and snacks at the counter, hot food in the kitchen, drinks at the bar.

A NEW* “Onvi Order” Experience

We have entirely redesigned Onvi Order (your digital menu), so it will work beautifully across mobile, tablet, and now, desktop devices. The desktop version will create an optional landing page for your business, linking to the enhanced online ordering.  The addition of desktop ordering brings a new way to place orders to maximise sales and gives businesses who haven’t already, a web presence. We have:

  • Completely redesigned Onvi Order so that it works beautifully on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

  • Restructured navigation to make it easier for customers to find the right site, fulfilment mode and time slot.

  • Provides a 'website' for operators who may not already have one to have a better online presence.

  • The landing page is automatically generated using sites and menus - just add a few images, and it's ready to go!

To make way for the new features and updates, some things do have to change (although we’re sure you’ll agree it’s for the greater good!). These are:

Update to Order Stages

  • With the release of tabbing, orders can now be continuously updated after being placed - so the previous linear flow of "New"> "In progress"> "Ready"> "Completed" no longer makes sense.

  • All of the benefits of using the flow have been retained - operators can still notify customers their order is ready and mark orders as collected using the new "Orders" screen.

Order management on Onvi Control for Order & Pay users

  • The full suite of functionality for managing orders - including updating existing orders and taking payments - is only possible with a tablet or phone on Onvi Serve.

Some Onvi Order customisations

  • As we switch to our updated, beautiful Onvi Order designs for mobile, tablet and desktop devices, we've removed some of the optional customisations that could previously be made to the chosen Onvi Order theme. We've removed:

  • additional theme colours beyond the core accent colour

  • custom fonts

  • category images

  • some of the lesser-used text customisations, such as the fulfilment mode label and order success messages.

Cloud Printing for Order & Pay operators

  • We're moving away from our old Cloud Printing set-up to 'local printing' where the printer is connected directly to Onvi Serve on the iPad.

  • This means print jobs are faster and more reliable, printers are easier to set-up, and operators can route print jobs across multiple printers.

  • You can connect a printer to Onvi Serve on the iPad through Lightning USB (the standard iPad/iPhone charging cable), Bluetooth or LAN cable.

Customer feedback 

  • We released this feature mid last year, enabling customers to provide feedback on their order by clicking on a text link in their email receipt (for orders placed through Onvi Order).

  • Usage of the feature has been minimal - with less than 1 in 100 customers providing feedback, so we're removing the feature to simplify the Onvi experience.

Remember, make sure you’re ready!

Order management will only be available through the Onvi Serve app which you can download from the Apple App Store.  We will also be ending our support of Cloud printing. To continue to print tickets and receipts you’ll need to connect Onvi Serve on iPad through a lighting USB cable, Bluetooth or LAN.  You will have received previous communication about this, but please do reach out to our support team if you’re unclear or need help.

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