Which point of sale solution do you need for your food truck?

Feb 14, 2022 5 min read

When setting up a new hospitality business such as a food truck, choosing the right point of sale solution (POS, or EPOS) can make a massive difference to your overall profitability. With numerous POS and card reader solutions on the market, all with varying functionality, where do you start? 

When it comes to your food truck and thinking about how you're going to manage card, cash and online orders efficiently, you need to consider both your hardware and software. Find a solution that gives you all the functionality you need to future proof your business as you start and scale without being too challenging to manage for a small hospitality business.  

Here are a few questions you should ask when assessing what POS you need for your food truck. 

1. How do you want to take orders? 

This one may sound simple, but there's a lot to consider for any food truck or small hospitality business. Will you take cash and card payments at the till? What about click and collect or selling on delivery platforms such as Uber Eats? It's vital you choose a solution that will help you maximise all potential sales channels with the minimum amount of fuss. A modern, mobile-first POS solution can help you manage orders on all channels, all in one system

2. What POS and card payments hardware do you need?

While you can now take orders from nothing more than a mobile phone and card reader, if you're serious about maximising your sales you should take a proper look at your till system requirements - the vital operational features, how much space you have, and of course the cost of hardware. For a small hospitality business such as a food truck, the most common modern solution is an iPad to run your POS software, a card reader, a small printer for receipts and a cash drawer. 

3. What does the POS software do? 

A modern POS solution can offer so much more than just the ability to take payments, with advanced software now included for free when you sign up to accept online or card payments via a card reader. Choose a software solution that will help you easily set up and grow your food truck business - something that may start small and grow quickly. Think about your interface for menu building and order management, reporting, analytics, and the extras that can make all the difference to your profit margins as you grow: does it come with mobile Order & Pay, for Pickup and Delivery? Does it connect to delivery aggregators, so you don't need extra tablets and software? Can you set up vouchers and promotions? All of these will become more important as you establish your business, so make sure you consider it all upfront. 

4. How easy will it be to manage your POS solution? 

For a small hospitality business such as a food truck, you won't have time to manage a complicated till system. There's no point having (and paying for) a load of features that sound great in theory but are unmanageable for a small business in practice. When choosing your software, ask: how easy it will be to set up, what does the day to day management look like, and crucially what support will you get? Choose a provider who will offer round the clock support, from setting up to ongoing issue solving. 

5. How long will you be tied in for? 

This one's vital. Don't get tied into a long-term contract! There's a vast number of options on the market. You might choose a payment solution that looks great at first and has low transaction rates, but soon turns out to be unreliable, lacking in support and comes with some hidden additional fees. At which point, you're going to regret fixing yourself in for a year or more - being stuck with the wrong technology could be enough to threaten your whole business. The best providers won't need to tie you in to keep your business, and will offer flexible contracts to help you get started immediately without any risk. 

6. Are there any hidden charges? 

Always check the small print. Whilst many POS and payment solutions will sign you up based on their headline transaction fees alone; many will have some unexpected fees built in. 

A few things to look out for: 

  • Are there minimum sales volumes required to hit the lowest transaction rates? 

  • Are there higher charges on some cards, such as American Express?

  • Will you get charged extra for customer support?

  • Do all the software features come included without extra fees?

  • Is mobile Order & Pay included, and at the same transaction rates?

In summary, here’s the key points you will want to make sure you have covered when choosing a point of sale solution for your food truck.   

  • Your POS allows you to take cash, card, mobile and online payments.

  • Your POS allows you to maximise revenue through in-person ordering, delivery, pickup and delivery aggregators such as Uber Eats.

  • Your POS provides you with insights and data.

  • Your POS has features such as vouchering to increase sales and drive loyalty.

  • Your POS is simple to use and backed with a support team who can assist you.

  • Your POS has no long-term contracts or additional costs for features and services.

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