Wi5 rebrands to Onvi

May 09, 2021 4 min read

Monday 10th May 2021 | Today we announce Wi5's rebrand to Onvi.

Having built the rich features and functionality desired and required by operators to serve customers a premium mobile Order and Pay experience, we are now evolving into a primary sales channel for hospitality. We're focussing on developing the tools designed to increase operators’ profits, and openly declaring our mission to make wafer-thin margins a thing of the past.

Rising staff costs, increased business rates and rents, labour shortages and high-commission models from delivery aggregators all make the current business landscape a hostile environment at a time when reducing costs and increasing sales is more crucial than ever. Recently bolstered by further investment and currently raising another round, Onvi is building on success to date to ensure hospitality operators receive not only the industry-leading Order & Pay experience for themselves and their customers, but a holistic solution dedicated to increasing profits. 

The rebrand sees a renaming of Onvi’s products. Onvi Order, the consumer-facing interface that gets customers ordering and paying in seconds, branded to each operator.  Onvi Control, the back-office software with a focus on high useability and functionality, that gives operators full control of their Order & Pay solution, deep operational and customer insights, and drives traffic through direct marketing to customers. Onvi Serve, the order management system engineered for busy pubs, bars, cafés and restaurants, that ensures orders are received and processed accurately and at speed on any device — even staffs’ own mobiles — through an interface designed to minimise errors and maximise efficiency.

Tried and tested (and used day in, day out) by hospitality operators, the Onvi platform is packed with functionality, including features such as vouchering, capacity management and actionable insights, making it easy for operators to successfully manage orders, align supply and demand, and optimise peak-time ordering. In addition, an extensive list of direct POS integrations ensures seamless and hassle-free operations.

Onvi comes with no long-term commitments, subscriptions or set-up costs, just low card transaction fees (lower than those charged by the most popular payment-only service providers). Onvi is also making each and every new feature added to the platform available to every operator at no extra cost, ensuring a future-proof solution through a commercially sustainable model.

Prask Sutton, founder & CEO of Onvi, comments,

"I've always believed the future of hospitality is greater profitability. All the ingredients are there. Through strategic product development, Onvi has evolved from an Order & Pay solution to a powerful sales platform — accessible to all operators, regardless of scale — capable of serving up success for those using it. No longer simply a means for customers to Order and Pay, Onvi is now providing all the features and functionality operators require to start, run and grow their businesses, so that together, we can make wafer-thin margins a thing of the past."


About Onvi

Onvi, formally Wi5, was established in 2017 as founders Prask Sutton and Jon Clarke set about creating a frictionless way for consumers to engage with brands. In doing so, the pair identified a gap in the market for using their software to create a premium mobile Order & Pay experience for the hospitality industry.

To date, Order & Pay options have been limited — particularly for SMEs. Many solutions are poorly built, leaving customers and operators alike frustrated by the experience. At the other end of the market, highly bespoke solutions are cost-prohibitive for SMEs, whilst also suffering feature bloat, offering distracting functionality they don't want or need. Onvi addresses these salient issues by bringing to market an enterprise-grade sales platform for both enterprises and SMEs, all whilst charging lower card transaction fees than the popular payment-only providers.

The rebrand to Onvi comes at a key time for the company, with record sales across the platform a clear indicator of the ever-growing demand for its technology, and as it looks to further scale its platform within the US, establishing a second core geography. A recent investment, with another hot on its heels, gears Onvi up to further develop its highly-productised offering, ensuring the widest breadth of hospitality operators receive an industry-leading experience, and in turn, offer one to their customers.